Getting ready for Spring

As Winter is about to close for another season, we are gearing up for Spring here in Northern Indiana.    Many people don’t realize the importance of getting your trees ready for Spring.    That’s right, the lively hood and overall health of your tree depends on how you take care of them over the years.

First of all, we highly recommend removing all of the old leaves left on the ground from last fall.   This will allow your trees to breathe better and allow moisture to get into the root system during our upcoming Spring rains.    Ironically we’ll then recommend you put mulch around your trees to help keep them moist.   The big difference in leaves and mulch is that mulch will help absorb the water and let the water through which allows it to get to your trees root system.   The leaves will prevent the water from soaking through, thus keeping your trees thirsty.

We at Gary Tree Services also recommend you looking for discoloration in your tree bark and for other mold issues.   This could be the start of disease that if not taken care of, will result in an unhealthy tree, which in turn will shorten the life.    You will also want to look for rotted areas of your tree and again, that is a bad sign.

If you would like for our Arborist to come out to your home or business to inspect your trees, please give us a call at 219.951.4524.   We are here to help and will let you know if the tree or trees need trimmed or removed.   We would prefer to save your tree if possible as we hate to see a piece of natures beauty removed.   Give Gary Tree Services a call at 219.951.4524 or fill out the form below and we’ll get with you about setting up an appointment.    

We are family owned and operated and proud to call Gary, IN our home.

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