Locally Owned Tree Trimming Gary

Tree lined streets, houses with white picket fences and children playing in the yard. Down the street, there is a big park full of families having picnics. Children are swinging and going down the slides. There is the sound of laughter and happiness in the air. On main street small Mom and Pop shops are open waiting for customers to come. Neighbors passing each other on the street saying Hello! Neighbors helping other neighbors. This is a description of the perfect neighborhood. A neighborhood where everyone knows everyone and treats each other like family. A neighborhood where people are proud to say yes, I live there.

Family owned and locally operated that is something we hear often to describe business. What does that mean and why is it important? In general, a family owned business is a small business. A mom and Pop store as it is known. It is run by family members related by Blood or marriage. The family members are involved in all of the decision-making aspects of the business. The business is usually passed down from generation to generation. A mom and pop store operate in the local area because that is where they live and grew up. Why is this important? Who knows or cares about the neighborhood more than those who live there? Neighborhoods are made up of the people who live and work in an area. It is an area where everyone knows everyone else and they treat you like family. That is why it is important to support the family owned and locally operated businesses. They know you and know your needs. They care about you and treat you like family. That is what Gary tree services is all about. They do landscaping, tree removal, tree trimming and they give free estimates. They treat their customers like family and care about the beauty of the neighborhood. Their neighborhood is Lake county Indiana.

Lake County Indiana is a county in the northern most part of the state. It is so named because of its location to lake Michigan. It is also considered part of the Chicago Metropolitan area. Established on February 16, 1837, Lake county was originally settled by Potawatomi Indians. The population started to grow in the 1850’s with the expansion of the railroad linking Chicago to the rest of the world. The original county seat was in Liverpool until Lake court house later renamed crown point was chosen in 1840. The arrival of steel companies such as U.S Steel in Gary Indiana in 1906, aided in the population explosion. Other Industries found Lake county to be inviting as well, automobiles, oil, chemicals, consumer goods and construction supply companies. Lake county was hit hard by the depression as much as the whole country was. It recovered by the demand for steel used in world war II. It is important to know where you have been to know where you are going. That is why the History of the neighborhood you live in is something to be proud of. Remember to always support your local businesses and Gary Tree service.