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Do you live in South Chicago? Do you constantly have to worry about managing your trees?

Whether it be the weather, or appearance, or just any reason you need to want to contain the wilderness that is your home? Well we’re here for you at Gary Tree Services. Were a local tree trimming business that cover Gary,Hammond. As stated, we are locals and as we know how everybody struggles with money from time to time so we offer FREE ESTIMATES, GREAT PRICES and DEPENDABLE services that will make this decision seem like the choice you should’ve made years ago. 

We offer a few options of the type of work we can do such as tree trimming for those of you who’s trees are constantly reaching out and scratching the windows at night, or those of you who just want to sculpt the perfect view from your window. We also offer tree removal services for those of you who have just decided that you have had enough of the trees in your line of sight, or maybe the poor old tree has started to decay and you’re just trying to ease the end of its long life. And the last form of service we offer is stump removal because it hurts to be running through the yard at Mach 2 and hitting your shin. Also, wouldn’t those annoying stumps make a great bench for a campfire sing along?

Our prices are another great reason to choose our locally owned business over that of other businesses whether it be another local or a corporate business as we offer some of the best prices around and we make sure to be as affordable as possible to keep our customers as happy as can be. We understand that struggles happen from time to time and that you need work done whether it can be afforded at that moment or not. To save you the trouble of staring at the ol’ bank account we even offer free estimates to give you an upfront idea of what our work will cost you and the only shock will be how affordable we can make this process for you. Not only are we affordable but we have what most business lack these days. We are completely dependable as we hire only qualified, honorable staff to work for us to ensure that the work you need done is done to the highest order of quality. 

We know that making the decision to alter the view you see everyday whether it be on the way home from work, walking the dog through the neighborhood or picking kids up on the bus stop can be a big change. We are here to help make the transition as easy as possible. Starting at the trimming of the tree to increase the appeal all the way to the removal of the tree and stump to ensure that however you want the job done it is accomplished in a timely manner. Have a great day and remember call Gary Tree Service

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Locally Owned Tree Trimming Gary

Tree lined streets, houses with white picket fences and children playing in the yard. Down the street, there is a big park full of families having picnics. Children are swinging and going down the slides. There is the sound of laughter and happiness in the air. On main street small Mom and Pop shops are open waiting for customers to come. Neighbors passing each other on the street saying Hello! Neighbors helping other neighbors. This is a description of the perfect neighborhood. A neighborhood where everyone knows everyone and treats each other like family. A neighborhood where people are proud to say yes, I live there.

Family owned and locally operated that is something we hear often to describe business. What does that mean and why is it important? In general, a family owned business is a small business. A mom and Pop store as it is known. It is run by family members related by Blood or marriage. The family members are involved in all of the decision-making aspects of the business. The business is usually passed down from generation to generation. A mom and pop store operate in the local area because that is where they live and grew up. Why is this important? Who knows or cares about the neighborhood more than those who live there? Neighborhoods are made up of the people who live and work in an area. It is an area where everyone knows everyone else and they treat you like family. That is why it is important to support the family owned and locally operated businesses. They know you and know your needs. They care about you and treat you like family. That is what Gary tree services is all about. They do landscaping, tree removal, tree trimming and they give free estimates. They treat their customers like family and care about the beauty of the neighborhood. Their neighborhood is Lake county Indiana.

Lake County Indiana is a county in the northern most part of the state. It is so named because of its location to lake Michigan. It is also considered part of the Chicago Metropolitan area. Established on February 16, 1837, Lake county was originally settled by Potawatomi Indians. The population started to grow in the 1850’s with the expansion of the railroad linking Chicago to the rest of the world. The original county seat was in Liverpool until Lake court house later renamed crown point was chosen in 1840. The arrival of steel companies such as U.S Steel in Gary Indiana in 1906, aided in the population explosion. Other Industries found Lake county to be inviting as well, automobiles, oil, chemicals, consumer goods and construction supply companies. Lake county was hit hard by the depression as much as the whole country was. It recovered by the demand for steel used in world war II. It is important to know where you have been to know where you are going. That is why the History of the neighborhood you live in is something to be proud of. Remember to always support your local businesses and Gary Tree service.

Getting ready for Spring

As Winter is about to close for another season, we are gearing up for Spring here in Northern Indiana.    Many people don’t realize the importance of getting your trees ready for Spring.    That’s right, the lively hood and overall health of your tree depends on how you take care of them over the years.

First of all, we highly recommend removing all of the old leaves left on the ground from last fall.   This will allow your trees to breathe better and allow moisture to get into the root system during our upcoming Spring rains.    Ironically we’ll then recommend you put mulch around your trees to help keep them moist.   The big difference in leaves and mulch is that mulch will help absorb the water and let the water through which allows it to get to your trees root system.   The leaves will prevent the water from soaking through, thus keeping your trees thirsty.

We at Gary Tree Services also recommend you looking for discoloration in your tree bark and for other mold issues.   This could be the start of disease that if not taken care of, will result in an unhealthy tree, which in turn will shorten the life.    You will also want to look for rotted areas of your tree and again, that is a bad sign.

If you would like for our Arborist to come out to your home or business to inspect your trees, please give us a call at 219.951.4524.   We are here to help and will let you know if the tree or trees need trimmed or removed.   We would prefer to save your tree if possible as we hate to see a piece of natures beauty removed.   Give Gary Tree Services a call at 219.951.4524 or fill out the form below and we’ll get with you about setting up an appointment.    

We are family owned and operated and proud to call Gary, IN our home.

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Tree Survival in the Winter

Many have asked how trees can survive the harsh winters we have here in Northern Indiana.     I’ll look to answer that question in this post.   If you have any further questions, please fill out the form below and I’ll try to dig deeper and get your question answered.


There is no doubt that the harsh Northern Indiana winters place a great deal of stress on our trees.    Not only is it extremely cold, but there is a lack of one of the most important ingredients to tree health, and that is water.   Sure, when the snow melts, water becomes prevalent, however with the extreme cold that we often have locally, it can be quite a long time before the snow melts to water, or does it?

There are 3 potential resources for water that is available for a tree to survive.   They are the internal tree reservoirs, the soil and the subnivean.     The subnivean is area below the snow.   Here in northern Indiana the soil gets very cold but for the most part stays unfrozen for most of the winter.   The snow acts as a blanket and keeps the ground from completely freezing.    That allows the soil to remain moist, thus giving the tree a drink when needed.

Studies have shown that trees become dormant in the wintertime so they can survive.   The beginning of dormancy begins in the fall when the trees lose their leaves.   This takes place as the tree will no longer need the leaves since it won’t be producing food for itself, thus shedding the leaves to limit energy consumption.   When its time for a tree to lose its leaves, it creates a chemical called ABA (Abscisic Acid) which essentially kills the buds and eventually allowing the leaf to fall from the tree.   This process only occurs in deciduous trees.

ABA also suspends growth, which keeps the cells from dividing.   In dormancy, the tree does not grow therefore doesn’t need the energy that’s required in the spring when growth returns.   The trees metabolism also slows down during the winter months and slowing uses food that it has stored.

Other concerns in the winter time for trees here in Northern Indiana is heavy snow and ice.   Trees like Firs and Spruces are flexible and can withstand the weight, but many others simply cannot.   We encourage everyone to keep their trees trimmed and highly recommend getting a Winter Tree Pruning done as this will help the overall health and structure of the tree.

Winter is a challenging time for all living things, including trees.

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